The chapel on the 3rd floor provides a quiet space for prayer, worship and meditation. It is the most beautiful and practical place in the PIME House, and can house 50 people.

The most impressive part of the chapel is the mosaic artwork behind the altar which is made by the famous Eredi Michele Mellin of Firenze in Italy. The artwork is based on the Bible story from Luke   5:1-10 , “The Call of Simon and the Fishermen”, and is inspired by the story of Rev. Paolo Reina. In 1852, Rev. Reina led 7 young Italian missionaries to Papua New Guinea to “sail into deep water”. Three years later, their mission failed, just like the disciples “worked hard all night and caught nothing“. Even worse was some of them died of diseases and some were killed. The surviving ones went to other places to carry on their mission. Rev. Angelo Ambrosoli traveled to Sydney, and Rev. Reina and Rev. Timoleone Raimondi came to Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, Rev. Reina heard the calling from Jesus again through this story, and so they continued to “lower their nets as comanded by Jesus”. In the Mosaic,

Peter kneeling in front of Jesus represents over 100 PIME missionaries who have worked during the last 160 years in Hong Kong. We have already got a miraculous catch. However,  we also know we are sinful. Peter kneeling in front of Jesus and the Tabernacle signifies our confession. Jesus’ hand is blessing all the missionaries, “Do not be afraid”. Rev. Raimondi later even became Bishop of Hong Kong. There are now more than 450 PIME missionaries working in 18 different countries and become “promising fishermen”.

The altar is in the shape of  “T”, representing the crucifixion of Jesus. It is only through the Cross of Christ that there is salvation and new hope for everyone.  Therefore, the chapel is a “fuel station” for every missionary when he has times of tireness, depression and discouragement.